emcee (em =”m” and cee=”c” - or “mc”, short for metachat) is a collection of art projects by metachat members, often based on the idea of an “exquisite corpse” in which each player completes or adds to the image created by the player before him, based only on a tiny bit of visual information. New emcee collaborations are organized and announced on the main site; any metachat member can play, and we sometimes organize according to skill level. A guide to how our exquisite corpses are created can be found here.


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  • our first emcee was a collection of independent image squares; we had 13 participants.
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  • our first exqusite corpse; we did two sets: set1, set2
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  • our biggest ever; we did four sets of exquisite corpses: set1, set2, set3, set4
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  • our first emcee with a theme - "how naked go the sometimes nude": set1, set2
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  • something totally different. This time we designed wine labels (if you click on any bottle label, you'll go to a larger view of the label)
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  • an exquisite corpse with two sets: set1, set2
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  • another exquisite corpse with two sets: set1, set2
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  • A new idea - our first "emcee squared": set1, set2

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  • A return to the exquisite corpse for 2010: set1, set2

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  • Iconomy wrote a guide to how we create our exquisite corpse emcees
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  • Here's an explanation of how the "emcee squared" squares work.